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Alice in the Bluebells

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

As I had a week left until my own due date I was slightly hesitant about doing this shoot. I was very conscious of not being able to get into the, what I call 'photography yoga positions' to create beautiful, elegant images for Alice. I decided to go ahead with the session as the prospect of producing romantic and feminine images got the better of me. Plus Alice's friend had kindly gifted it to her, which made it extra special.

Dartmoor National Park was my first choice location as in May the ground is covered in pretty English Bluebells. I hadn't been able to get up to the location beforehand to check if the flowers were up but I thought we could do a river shoot in amongst the trees as a plan B if they weren't.

As it happens we were in luck, the flowers were blooming and you could see fields of purple. As I waited for Alice to arrive I adjusted the settings on the camera and was excited to get started.

Once Alice arrived she quickly changed into a full length, lace dress in white which showed off her baby bump beautifully.

As we followed the path slowly down to the river we took some shots against the trees which not only provided a stunning backdrop but also a chance to rest.

The gorgeous green complimented Alice's lace dress perfectly. When we got to the brook it was pretty dry and I saw a perfect opportunity to capture an environmental portrait shot, this image (which is at the top of this page) is one of my favourites from the shoot. Alice looks blooming stunning and it has an enchanted feel about it. Perfect for a maternity image.

I can honestly say climbing the path up to the bluebells was tiring when so heavily pregnant but my oh my was it so worth it.

The sea of purple and the scent was just divine. We spent a lot of time here as with each turn of the path there was another wonderful setting. This shoot lived up to my expectations and turned out to be the feminine, romantic feel that I had envisioned. Alice was amazing, being so close to her due date and has energized me for my next maternity shoot.


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